OSLO Nightstand

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Discover our stunning OSLO nightstand , designed to infuse elegance and practicality into your bedroom sanctuary. With four captivating variants, you can curate your space to perfection. 


  • Cream Oak Wood with Gold Iron Legs: Embrace a timeless aesthetic with the cream oak wood nightstand, adorned with sleek gold iron legs. A harmonious blend of classic and contemporary. 


  • Taupe Oak Wood with Black Iron Legs: Make a statement with the taupe oak wood nightstand, featuring bold black iron legs. An infusion of modernity and sophistication. 


  • Charcoal Grey Oak Wood with Gold Iron Legs: Achieve a chic ambiance with the charcoal grey oak wood nightstand, complemented by opulent gold iron legs. An alluring fusion of contrasts. 


  • Umber Oak Wood with Gold Legs: Experience warmth and character with the umber oak wood nightstand, elevated by graceful gold legs. A nod to rustic elegance.





  • OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 23,5 W x 17,75 D x 23,5 H in 
  • CARTON WEIGHT: 73.00 lb 
  • NET WEIGHT: 53.00 lb 
  • PACK: 1pc 
  • CARTON SIZE: 28.0 W x 28.0 D x 22.0 H in

Materials and Care

Materials and Care

Materials: Raw umber oak wood veneer with gold iron base/ Taupe oak wood veneer with black iron base/ Cream oak wood veneer with gold iron base / Charcoal grey oak wood with gold iron base. 



  • Dust Regularly: Dust the wood surface regularly with a soft, lint-free cloth to prevent dirt and debris buildup. 
  • Use Gentle Cleaners: Use a slightly damp, soft cloth to clean the wood surface. You can add a mild dish soap to the water, but avoid using excessive moisture. 
  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Avoid using harsh chemical cleaners or abrasive materials that can damage the wood finish. Dry Thoroughly: After cleaning, make sure the wood surface is thoroughly dried to prevent water damage. 
  • Polish Occasionally: Depending on the type of wood, you might consider using a specialized wood polish or conditioner to maintain the luster. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations. 
  • Protect from Heat: Use coasters or trivets under hot objects to prevent heat damage to the wood surface. 
  • Avoid Direct Sunlight: Keep the sideboard away from direct sunlight to prevent fading or discoloration of the wood over time.
  • Check for Scratches: Regularly inspect the wood surface for scratches or blemishes. Use furniture touch-up markers or wax to conceal minor imperfections. 
  • Brushed Iron Legs: Dust Regularly: Dust the iron legs regularly with a soft cloth to prevent dirt and dust buildup. 
  • Clean Gently: If the iron legs get dirty, use a damp cloth with a mild soap solution to wipe them clean. Avoid abrasive materials that could scratch the metal. 
  • Dry Thoroughly: After cleaning, make sure the iron legs are dried to prevent moisture-induced rust. 
  • Avoid Rust: Keep the iron legs dry and protect them from prolonged exposure to moisture to prevent rusting. Polish Sparingly: If needed, use a specialized metal or iron polish to maintain the brushed finish. Follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Delivery and Assembly

Delivery and Assembly

Delivery: FREE Delivery to your Doorstep. 

We offer complimentary doorstep delivery on this piece to most Canadian provinces. Minimal assembly may be required, but rest assured, it's designed to be quick and easy. You'll receive straightforward instructions along with your delivery to make the process a breeze.


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