Elevate your fabric care routine with our expert tips. Establish a regular vacuuming schedule using an upholstery attachment, ensuring thorough cleaning between crevices. Swift action is key for spills—avoid scrubbing. Instead, cover the spill with a soft, absorbent cloth, letting it work its magic. After drying, reassess the stain. For persistent marks, create a solution with a small amount of dishwashing detergent and water. Apply gently, blot the area, and allow it to air dry. Trust us to keep your fabrics looking and feeling luxurious.
Embrace the beauty of wood in its myriad forms at our celebration of craftsmanship. Each piece is a unique creation, showcasing the artistry of knots, splits, graining, and texture. As an organic material, wood breathes and settles naturally in your home.

With the passage of time and exposure to varying temperatures, humidity, and environments, your wooden furniture may undergo slight cracking and warping. Rest assured, this is entirely normal! Consider it a testament to the authenticity of the material. Display it proudly.To maintain its vitality, apply wood conditioner periodically to prevent dryness.
Solid Wood
Durable and timeless, solid wood is resilient against the trials of time and even grubby fingers! Embrace the natural patina that gracefully develops with scratches and dings. For maintenance, a simple cleaning with a clean, slightly damp cloth is recommended. Keep the wood in optimal health and happiness by applying oil approximately twice a year. Let the authentic beauty of solid wood shine in your space.
Experience the timeless allure of our premium European natural leathers, meticulously crafted to gracefully age. Marks and wear only enrich their patina, contributing to a character that evolves with time, offering a lived-in comfort to be cherished for years. 

Embrace the variations in the leather, celebrating their uniqueness as an inherent and completely normal aspect. Resilient as it is, leather, like our skin, benefits from some TLC. We suggest applying a leather conditioner every 3–6 months to ensure it remains at its best, maintaining its enduring beauty and quality.
Introducing our exquisite Marble, a steadfast companion in the MyLounge and Daydream collections. This material resonates with your space, adapting and embracing your lifestyle with grace. As it ages, the marble unveils a nuanced palette, letting its natural allure shine. 

Embrace the unique journey as it gracefully patinas over time; scratches and marks can be gently buffed but are celebrated in our philosophy. Let's embark on a timeless journey together and build a future that echoes the beauty of this enduring marble.